Suresign Alcohol Screening Test 2 Pack

Suresign Alcohol Screening Test 2 Pack
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Suresign Alcohol Screening Test 2 Pack
Drive safely with suresign alcohol screening tests! Easy to use, accurate results in just 2 minutes ,2 tests in pack
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Suresign Alcohol Screening Test rapidly detects the presence of alcohol in the exhaled breath.  If alcohol is present in the exhaled breath, it reacts with the chemically coated crystals and produces a colour change.  The test provides relative Blood Alcohol concentration at 0.05%.

You should wait 15 minutes after your last alcohol consumption, or drink a glass of water before taking the test.

You can take the test before driving, operating machinery or any other task where the presence of alcohol may be detrimental.

Please note - all alcohol screening test results are advisory only as incorrect use can cause erroneous results.  Users must use their judgment, taking into account available information, including the amount of alcohol consumed and the time lapsed since consumption, as to whether they are capable of driving or carrying out dangerous tasks.


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