aquafresh big teeth mouthwash 300ml


Big teeth need to be cared for properly as they are teeth your child should have for the rest of their lives. New adult teeth are not as strong as you think. Enamel on new adult teeth is softer and more vulnerable to decay. Also, the mix of little and big teeth makes them more difficult to clean.

Aquafresh Big Teeth Mouthwash has an antibacterial formula which helps fight plaque and kill germs.  It contains flouride to strengthen teeth and is, of course, sugar free and alcohol free.

    • All-in-one Protection
    • Alcohol-free
    • 24h Sugar Acid Protection formula*
    • Child-friendly fruity flavour
    • Clinically tested
    • Antibacterial action
    • 225ppm fluoride

*Follow a healthy diet and brush twice daily as protection decreases between brushing

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