Avene Intense Suncream Cream SPF50 150ml

Intense Protect 50+ is an ultra-broad-spectrum suncare product. For the first time in Pierre Fabre's history, photoprotection is extended beyond UVB-UVA to a dangerous part of solar radiation: visible, high-energy blue light.
A suncare product suitable for the most intense sunlight conditions, as well as the most vulnerable skin*. Its hybrid texture allows it to absorb into the skin in 3 seconds**, provides intense hydration for 8 hours*** and anti-drying action. It is extra water-resistant and sweat-resistant. Intense Protect 50+ is suitable for babies from six months old, children, pregnant women , people with tattoos and very fair skin. With only four sun filters**** and without silicone, its formula is more environmentally friendly. Its solar filters have been tested by an independent laboratory* which has demonstrated the absence of impact on a species of coral, a species of phytoplankton and a species of zooplankton, key organisms in the marine environment.

**Comparative evaluation of the absorption time of the product once applied to the skin, 15 subjects.
***HI kinetics, 24 subjects, single application.
****Approximately 10% reduction of filters in this product compared to 2019 references.
*****According to OCDEB301B test.
*****Tests carried out by the Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls-sur-Mer (Banyuls-sur-Mer Ocean Observatory) on 3 key species of marine biodiversity: one species of coral, one of phytoplankton, one of zooplankton.

Main benefits

• PHOTOPROTECTION: ultra-broad-spectrum.
• INVISIBLE for a transparent finish.
• RESISTANT to sweat*******.
• FORMULATED to minimise the impact on the environment.*****
• VERY HIGH TOLERANCE, gentle formula.

How to use

Before exposure to the sun, apply generously to the face and/or body (for example, 2 fingers of product on the forearm). Reapply frequently to maintain protection, especially after sweating, swimming or wiping.Pro tip:For easy application, spread over your fingertips and dab onto your face and neck. Then smooth.

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