My Expert Midwife Spritz For Nausea

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My Expert Midwife Spritz For Nausea

It is extremely common for women to experience feelings of sickness and nausea in pregnancy – particularly in the first trimester. This Spritz for Nausea spray, from My Expert Midwife, can help you to cope with morning sickness and to make your daily life a little easier during pregnancy.

Developed by midwives to help manage some of the symptoms of nausea and morning sickness. It is a gentle blend of peppermint, lemon and grapefruit essential oils - whose properties are renowned for helping to ease those feelings of morning sickness (or all day sickness!).

Spritz for Nausea is safe to use from the first trimester. The handy spray is handbag sized, so is small enough to be carried around discreetly during the first few months of pregnancy.

Dealing with nausea:
As nausea is very individual to each woman it may take a while to discover which management method works best. The My Expert Midwife blog – Sickness and Pregnancy – what can I do? Also gives other useful hints and tips to try.

Spray at the first signs of nausea, or as often as needed. Spritz onto your skin or wrist pulse points, or onto a tissue or your bedding, or into the air. Designed for external use only.

• Spritz for Nausea: 50ml size spray
• Midwife developed, mum approved
• Born in the UK
• Paraben free
• Not tested on animals

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