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What can I expect from the Prostate Profile?

Please note that a PSA test cannot be relied on to either diagnose prostate cancer - or exclude the presence of prostate cancer. If it is high then you will need further investigations with a Urologist. If you have symptoms and it is low you will still need to see a doctor to consider further investigations.

The prostate produces a fluid that mixes with sperm to make semen. Issues with the prostate are common particularly as men get older and can lead to serious conditions such as prostate cancer if undiagnosed.


This test checks 3 different biomarkers. Click on the sections below to discover more detailed information



There are many types of hormones that support different bodily functions and processes including growth, metabolism, appetite and fertility. Hormone imbalances or deficiencies may be to blame for a wide range of symptoms and conditions.

Free Prostate Specific Antigen

Free Prostate Specific Antigen are produced by the cells in the prostate gland. They are free proteins that are not bound to any proteins in the blood. This test is used to detect and monitor the treatment response of prostate cancer.

Free: Total PSA Ratio

Free: Total PSA Ratio is a calculation indicating the amount of free prostate specific antigen is the in body in terms of the total amount of prostate specific antigen. They are produced by the cells in the prostate gland. blood. This test is used to detect and monitor the treatment response of prostate cancer.

Prostate Specific Antigen

Prostate Specific Antigen




How does it work?

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There is no better way to check for underlying health problems or monitor existing conditions, than with a blood test. In collaboration with our dedicated state-of-the-art laboratory partner in London we offer the latest in pathology testing solutions across many disciplines including biochemistry, immunology, haematology, and molecular biology. 

Whether you are concerned about your health, managing an existing condition or simply curious, our partner laboratory provides a fast, affordable, and easy way to start taking charge of your own health. 

You will receive your results on the day after your sample is received by the laboratory, this is usually within 2-3 days of having your blood taken in-store. 

The laboratory runs a 24/7 operation and tests all samples as quickly as possible after receiving them which enables the team of in-house GPs to review and communicate your results in the fastest possible timeframe. 

*It is important to note that blood tests alone are not a substitute for seeing a doctor, particularly if you have any symptoms. You should not make a diagnosis or start any treatment without a consultation with a doctor or suitably trained healthcare professional.