Unwanted Medication

Why do I need to dispose of my unwanted medication?

  • It is not enough to place your unused medication into a cupboard or drawer. You may think that this is a safe position in your house, however, if the blister packaging becomes damaged the medication may also be altered.
  • Similarly, medication can also reach a date of expiry. Out-of-date medication may be less effective and potentially dangerous to use. 

Where can I bring my unused medication? 

  • We would encourage you to please bring your unused medication back to your local McKeevers Chemists to be safely and responsibly disposed of. 

How does McKeevers Chemists dispose of the unused medication? 

  • We are involved in a campaign that deals with the Disposal of Unwanted Medicines (DUMP). 
  • Once received in-store, our trained staff will safely package the returned medication, and will transport it to a controlled waste contractor.