Weekly Tray Dispensed

What does this service include?

Weekly tray dispensing is a method of dispensing your medication so we can help you keep track of what to take and when to take it. You will receive your medication in a special tray like the one pictured below. This tray has several compartments which will ensure that you take the right pill, and the right dose, at the right time.

The pharmacist will fill this tray with the medication you need to take in the appropriate compartments. This means you will not need to struggle with lots of tablet boxes and pushing tablets out of, often hard to open, blister packs.      

Who could benefit?

  • Patients taking large quantities of different medication.
  • Patients who find it hard to remember what to take and when to take it.
  • Patients with restricted use of their hands, for example those suffering with arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease or M.S.
  • Patients who have complex medicine regimes meaning they must take different medications on different days.
  • Patients who are partially sighted.

What will be done in-store?

Once we have received a prescription from your local GP, we will pack the medication into a weekly tray, and label appropriately. This will be supplied to the patient on a weekly basis or as specified by the prescriber.

Any questions?

Our pharmacists are always available to answer any questions about medicines – so do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you understand what your medicines are for and how best to take them.