Winter Flu Jab

The Winter Flu Jab is a vaccine given to help prevent flu.

The flu season generally runs from September to March, we would recommend getting vaccinated at the beginning of the flu season however it is never too late to receive the vaccine.

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Who can get the Winter Flu Jab?

Anyone over the age of 2 can receive the Winter Flu Jab.

Some people are at greater risk from the effects of the flu and should get the vaccine. These include:

  • Pregnant women.
  • Over 65’s even if you feel fit and healthy.
  • Anyone living in a residential or nursing home.
  • The main carer of an elderly or disabled person (speak to your GP).

Or if you suffer from any of the below illnesses:

  • Chronic chest conditions such as asthma
  • Chronic heart conditions
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Diabetes
  • Lowered immunity due to a disease or treatment such as steroids or cancer therapy
  • A chronic neurological condition such as stroke/ multiple sclerosis or a condition that affects the nervous system such as cerebral palsy.
  • Very high body weight (BMI greater than 40)
  • Any other serious medical condition - speak to you GP if you are unsure.

Where can I receive the Flu Jab?

The vaccine is available in all McKeevers Chemists branches*. Please contact your local McKeevers Chemists in advance to ensure the pharmacist on duty has been trained to provide this service.

For more information please contact your local McKeevers Chemists.

*Exclusions may apply. 

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