Ear Piercing

At McKeevers Chemists* we are delighted to offer ear piercing as an in-store service. Our staff have been professionally trained to safely and responsibly pierce our customers ears. 

What can I expect from this service? 

  • The customer will receive a private consultation with a trained member of staff. 
  • The service will last approximately 15 minutes. 

What aftercare is provided?

  • An antiseptic will be provided to ensure the piercing will be maintained hygenically. 

How much will it cost to have my ears pierced? 

  • Pricing varies depending on location and style of earing chosen.
  • Please contact your local McKeevers Chemists to confirm pricing. 

Which McKeevers Chemists offers this service?

Ear piercing is available in the following McKeevers Chemists branches:

  • Ardglass
  • Dobbin Lane, Co.Armagh
  • Fivemiletown, Co.Tyrone
  • Keady, Co.Armagh
  • Moy, Co.Tyrone
  • Marcus Square, Newry, Co.Down
  • Monaghan Street, Newry, Co.Down
  • Mill Street, Newry, Co.Down