Impetigo Treatment 


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What is Impetigo?

Impetigo is a highly contagious skin infection that is common in children although adults can also catch it. Blisters or weeping sores appear around the face or hands and then crust over with yellowish scabs. The sores might be painful or itchy. Although impetigo is unpleasant and very contagious, it’s not a serious condition and can improve on its own over time. With treatment, impetigo can be cleared up more quickly.


What does Impetigo look like?

Impetigo starts with red sores or blisters, but the redness may be harder to see in brown and black skin. The sores or blisters quickly burst and leave crusty, golden-brown patches.

The patches can:

  • look a bit like cornflakes stuck to your skin
  • get bigger
  • spread to other parts of your body
  • be itchy
  • sometimes be painful


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