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What is ear wax removal?

Although a small amount of wax in the ear is healthy and needed, a large amount can become impacted leading to problems such as hearing loss. Ear wax removal is the process of removing excess wax from the ear canal.

At McKeevers Chemists we have a number of Pharmacists specially trained in ear wax removal using the latest and safest technology via Microsuction.

Microsuction is the ‘gold standard' technique as a safe and effective way to unblock the plug of debris in your ears


From what age can Microsuction be performed?

Our Pharmacists will be able to examine the ears of children from 5 years old however they will not be able to perform Microsuction unless the child is at least 16 years old.

If we find an issue during the examination other than wax in an older child, we will be able to provide a report for your child's GP that will include photo's and videos of the problem within the ear canal so they can provide appropriate treatment or refer onward to ENT.


What happens during Microsuction of the ear canal?

Microsuction usually takes 15-20 minutes.

During Microsuction, the Pharmacist will use a specially designed otoscope to thoroughly examine your ear canal. Our otoscope shows a live view from inside your ear canal and gives the Pharmacist an opportunity to take some photos or videos during your examination when necessary. They will then insert a tiny suction tube (called a cannula) into the canal and suction any blockage from the area.

You may hear a suction sound, some clicking or popping, and squeaking during the procedure. Sometimes Microsuction can make you feel a bit dizzy immediately following the procedure but this is temporary and will clear quickly.


What causes excess ear wax?

In most people, a small amount of earwax regularly makes its way to the ear opening. At the opening, it's washed away or falls out as new wax replaces it. If your ears make too much wax or if earwax isn't cleared well enough, it may build up and block your ear canal.

Earwax blockages often happen when people try to get earwax out on their own by using cotton buds or other items in their ears. This usually just pushes wax deeper into the ear, rather than removing it.


Can you examine my ear if my problem isn't wax?

If your having bother with your ears that you don't believe is wax our Pharmacist can offer a full and thorough ear examination. During the examination they can take photos and videos of any problems they might discover. Some of our Pharmacists are medical prescribers and will be able to provide treatment privately for things like ear infections.

As part of our service we have access to a team of Audiologists and ENT's who we can ask to have a look at the images we have taken to get their opinion. They normally get back to us within 24 hours. Our Pharmacist will also be able to provide you with a report if they need to refer you on to your own GP or to ENT.

A thorough examination of one or both ears costs £25 (€30).


How much does Microsuction cost?

The cost for Microsuction in one or both ears is £55 (€65). If we don't find wax we will charge you for the examination only at £25 (€30)