Period Delay Treatment

Period Delay Treatment


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If you want to delay your period for an upcoming holiday, wedding, or some other special event we can help.  All you have to do is:

  1. Complete our online consultation form.

  2. Our Pharmacist will arrange a virtual consultation  

  3. If eligible, collect your prescription at your local branch. 

How does this treatment work?

Periods are triggered monthly by a drop in one of your hormones (progesterone).  We can prescribe a tablet that will keep this hormone elevated and therefore delay the onset of your period by up to 14 days.  The tablets are taken three times daily and your period generally starts three days after you take your last tablet.

Complete our online consultation form and if you are eligible one of our pharmacists will be in touch to arrange this for you.


How much does this treatment cost?

30 tablets: £18.99 for a 10day supply / 60 tablets: £29.99 for a 20 day supply 

How long before my period is due do I start the medication?

The medication should be started three days before your period is expected to begin.

When will my period come after stopping the medication?

Your period should return within three days of stopping this medication.

Can I take this medication with the contraceptive Pill?

No this medication cannot be taken with the Pill however you can adjust how you take your pill in order to delay your period. Speak to your local pharmacist or GP for advice.

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