Garnier Micellar Gentle Peeling Water 400ml

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Garnier Orange Micellar Gentle Peeling Water 400ml

If you are looking for an effective yet gentle cleansing & exfoliating solution, try NEW Garnier Micellar Gentle Peeling Water. In one step, it cleanses & removes make-up leaving zero residue behind, and gently exfoliates for smoother and more even skin texture.

Proven results:
• Removes make-up & deeply cleanses
• Gently exfoliates & smooths uneven skin texture
• Minimises enlarged pores
• Boosts radiance for healthy-looking skin

How does it work? The formula is enriched with:
Micelles: invisible cleansing agents that capture impurities, make-up, dirt, and pollution like a magnet to effectively cleanse. 
1% PHA + Glycolic Acid (AHA): known for their gentle peeling efficacy to help exfoliate and leave skin smooth.
What makes it so gentle on skin? Think of PHA as AHA's little sister - it is a larger molecule, which makes it slower to penetrate the skin, this ultimately makes the exfoliating effect more gentle.

Garnier Micellar Peeling Water is hypoallergenic, tested on all skin types and tones, and is formulated with sensitive skin in mind. This formula is also gentle on face, lips & eyes. All Garnier Micellars are the only micellar waters recognised by the British Skin Foundation.  

Garnier is committed to green beauty: the bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic, except label, additives and cap. and can be recycled once you've finished with it. The formula is vegan, containing no animal-derived ingredients or by-products. Like all Garnier products globally, Micellar is officially approved by Cruelty Free International under the Leaping Bunny Programme, the leading organisation working to end animal testing worldwide, and the recognised Cruelty Free Gold Standard.


How to use

Simply apply the product to a cotton or eco pad and wipe the face, eyes, and lips. No rinsing required. Avoid sun exposure; apply an SPF > 30 in the morning after use. In case of irritation, space out application, and in case of persistent irritation, stop using the product.

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