NUK Bottle Brush 2 in 1 Teat Brush


Cleaning that’s kind to your baby

The NUK Bottle Brush 2 in 1 was specially developed for cleaning baby bottles and teats. Thanks to its stable bristles it cleans particularly thoroughly and comes with an integrated little teat brush in the handle. This ergonomic handle lets you apply stronger pressure as you clean and is optimal to hold.

Did you know?

You can clean baby bottles and teats gently and safely for your baby with the special NUK Household products:

  • NUK Bottle Cleanser for bottles and teats – gentle, nature-based for baby products.
  • NUK Teat Cleaning Sponge – cleans wide-neck teats perfectly.
  • NUK Vapo-Rapid – hygienically clean steam sterilising.
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