This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray 75ml

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This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray 75ml
    • 100% of restless sleepers said ""This Works""*
    • 89% of ex-sleep prescription medication users would use sleep plus pillow spray in place of sleep medication

WHEN: spritzed onto bed linen just before your head hits the pillow, this intense formulation is  clinically proven to restore normal sleep patterns.

HOW: an encapsulated blend of our award winning Deep Sleep fragrance, including Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile, sleep plus pillow spray is released continuously over the course of eight hours, thanks to motion activated technology,  to support a longer less interrupted sleep.

WHY: beautiful skin starts with a good night's sleep, make it the first step in your skincare routine with this natural sleep solution and wake looking and feeling refreshed come morning.

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