NUK First Choice Minnie Mouse Bottle Silicone 6-18 Months 300ml Medium Flow Teat


Disney by NUK First Choice Bottle with Size 2 Silicone Teat includes all of the great features of the NUK First Choice bottle with a classic Disney illustration. This bottle makes the transition from breast to bottle easier. The NUK Size 2 Silicone Teat features the original orthodontic shaped teat, with an extra wide lip support to simulate breast feeding as closely as possible. The teat easily fits into baby's mouth and NUKs Anti-colic Air System minimises the amount of air baby swallows, reducing colic.

Key features of NUK First Choice Bottle

  • 300 ml bottle
  • With a Size 2 Medium Feed Hole Silicone teat
  • Suitable for combined feeding
  • Classic Disney design
  • Anti-colic Air System
  • BPA free
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